Well this is my first blog.  I have been meaning to start off a blog for ages and have never really gotten around to it.  Now things are different, because since I have helped my friend start off her blog, I thought I should at least make a blog of my own.

I have been wondering what this blog should be all about.  Perhaps it will be about me? my hobbies? my beliefs? I think in the end I have decided I shall blog about what I do most and that is about philosophy. This is because I do quite a lot of reading on the subject and since philosophy is such a vast field, I will never really run out of blogs.  Personally I think I shall blog about the books I read as perhaps if it was a review.  I do have a lot of audio books, lectures, books, documentries and so on.  So I will be blogging about those.

I feel my main worry though is putting the time and energy into creating a blog each day or maybe a few times a week.  The main thing though is at least my journey begins.

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